Stephanie & Dallas Oregon

My friend and amazing photographer Sarah Babcock and I had the opportunity to work together for a beautiful wedding in the heart of Portland.   We took this opportunity to do 3 styled shoots while we were there.   Sarah took care of lining us up with some amazing dresses from Brides for a cause.

Sarah and I had shot at the beach on Sunday, the gorge on Monday morning so for Stephanie & Dallas's shoot we wanted to find an area that when we looked back at the images would remind us what we loved about our trip to Oregon.   That would be the vast forests and the beautiful sunsets.  

     We drove around an area less than an hour from downtown Portland and found this perfect field off of some random quiet road.   I'm not sure if we could find this area again.  I remember when Stephanie & Dallas pulled up to meet us and stepped out of the car with a huge smile and within minutes discovered their bubbly personality.  They are just two people you want to be around.  We spent the next hour having fun and captured some amazing images!   It's a great evening that we will never forget!

Dress: Brides for a cause

Florals: Floral V Design