How to get married in Jamaica...

Back in February we travelled to Jamaica with Shea and Galen to experience an amazing culture and to document a week with their friends and family.  It was such an unforgettable experience!   I spent a few minutes with Shea a month after the wedding and had her reflect on the trip.


What made you decide to get married in Jamaica?

We wanted to get married in Jamaica because it was our special place.  It was the first ever trip that we had done together.  Galen had visited in college and really fell in love with the people and the culture and he knew one day he wanted to take the person he wanted to marry there.

Over the years we have celebrated special occasions in Jamaica.  His 30th birthday, our best friends first year of marriage, it has become a really special place to us.

What do you love about Jamaica?  

We love the culture, we love the people.   The people are amazingly friendly and kind.  Plus you can't beat the water in Negril.   We typically don't like touristy things so each time we visit Jamaica we try to find something to experience that the locals do.

How was planning a Jamaican wedding?

You need to understand when planning a Jamaican wedding that you are on Jamaican time.  Everything is a little slower and usually takes a little longer to get answers.  You might ask a questions and get a response "ya mon",  not knowing if they really heard the question. :)

If you like the culture you need to go into a Jamaica wedding with an understanding that it is going to take a little longer to get responses.  I feel like you have to let everything go and at the end of the day be grateful for all the people that are there for you and it is going to be amazing no matter what.  

How hard was it to get your marriage license?

Oh, that was so simple!   Galen and I took our birth certificates and passports, scanned them and had them notarized and we faxed them in 3 months prior to the wedding.

What was your favorite part of the whole week?

The favorite part of the whole week was the welcome party on the first night.  I feel like it kicks off the week and I recommend doing it a few days prior to the wedding.  It's the one thing I have the least memory of...  I think your adrenaline kicks in and it goes by so fast.   People talk about not remembering their wedding day.   Galen and I both remember ours in detail.   I think this is because the welcome party.   It gave us a chance to settle in and let it soak in before the big day!

What made you decide to hire us for Photography and Video?

Photography and video was the most important thing for me.  Even if we got married in Columbus it would of been a priority to me to have a good photographer and videographer.

Once we started to decide on a destination wedding it became even more important to me to have someone that could tell our story.

It was very difficult to find anyones work in Jamaica and when I did I didn't connect with the style.  It's such an intimate experience to have an destination wedding with less than 50 guest so I knew I wanted someone that would fit in and be like family.  This way they could capture real candid moments and would see the day through our eyes.   I feel like if we would of hired someone local they would of had their pre conceived ideas instead of seeing it with fresh eyes.