There are a million wedding photographers and videographers out there. Take your time.  Find the one that appeals to you the most. Let your heart and gut guide you. Who speaks to you?   Are you here right now because your heart and gut tell you that I am that one?

Then send me an email, tell me about you and your wedding. I love a good story. Let’s talk, it all starts there, who knows what will happen?

Today half of my work is international, the rest I do in Ohio and I love both shooting overseas and at home, so please get in touch no matter of the size of your wedding.


Photo or Video | Weddings in Ohio $3400 | The U.S. $4800 | The World $5900

Photo and Video | Weddings in Ohio $5900 | The U.S. $7300 | The World $8400


Email me and I’ll send you the full price-sheet.